If I draw a timeline of my life, it seems that I have jumped between different worlds. I grew up in Talca (Chile), where the pace is slower and the everyday looks strangely at the madness of the capital. In that town I lived my childhood, youth, I made friends and I was a mother. In full development of my identity, design and art emerged as a key factor, a way to escape and free myself from the boring and conservative mentality of my environment. Thus, I took a suitcase full of illusions and dreams and flew to Milan and Buenos Aires to train in fashion and haute couture.

Back in Chile, I started my professional stage in the wardrobe area of Televisión Nacional de Chile, Cirque du Soleil and in Madonna's MDNA Tour (2012). In 2016 I made a crucial decision, I returned to Talca to create my own brand and launched the Zirconia collection which became my first cover in New York. That was the basis that allowed me to become the creative director of my project. Then came Politrópolis (2017, highlighted by Vogue Latinoamérica) and Metallic Lights (2018), in which I elaborated conceptual and visual proposals that drew the attention of critics for their materiality, volumes with architectural inspiration and futuristic aesthetics. In 2017, a turning point in my career was created by projecting a trilogy composed of Healing (presented at Vancouver Fashion Week 2018 and highlighted by Vogue UK), Soul (launched at New York Fashion Week 2020) and Rebirth (2021). This is the result of a continuous process of reflection, search for meaning and definition of my role on the planet, always thinking in a more universal dimension. Furthermore, Rebirth coincides with a historical phase in the world of rebirth and hope, a new Era.

In just four years I have made six collections, which involves leading teams, defining plans, objectives and goals, and at the same time asking myself questions, inquiring into my inner world to understand my surroundings and define the messages I want to deliver. In fact, my way of speaking is calm, I choose each one of the words that come out of my mouth to propose an idea, because I believe "in the value and power of concepts." María Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Dior, believes that “when you are a woman who makes women's clothing, fashion is not just about how you look, it's about how you feel and how you think”. This approach represents me, because it is in tune with how I approach my work that combines the character of the human being, the meaning of life, design and innovation.

Some people ask me why I live in a city with no connection to big events or major fashion circuits. I am attracted to this quiet place, where I can create, share with my son and collaborate in a small hotel that belongs to my family, where I have the opportunity to meet impressive characters and stories. The truth is, I can be in Milan or on a big catwalk in New York, but what really moves me is delivering messages that leave something positive for humanity and that can be done from anywhere in the world.

"My big dream is that one day all humans can reach the highest states of consciousness"